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Antimagnetic Seal “ANTI MAGNET”

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The most popular form of stealing energy is the meter stoppage with a neodymium magnet. It tends to be a global problem due to affordability and simplicity.
To stop this kid of energy theft, an innovative Russian company “Energo-Expert”, ltd. introduces the antimagnetic seal “ANTI MAGNET”.
“ANTI MAGNET” is a sealing adhesive tape containing a capsule with the magnetosensitive suspension reacting to a magnetic field with a frequency more than 0. Tl. The fact of energy theft is indicated visually, since under the influence of a neodymium magnet the structure of suspension indicator collapses, filling the whole capsule.
The antimagnetic seal of the fourth generation is distinguished by:
- convenience and universality of application;
- use of modern environmentally friendly composite materials;
- hypersensibility to a magnetic field;
- the improved coupling with a meter surface;

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